Delinquent Tax Returns

Get a free consultation from an Experienced Tax Debt Relief Professional to file your delinquent tax returns.

When it comes to filing delinquent tax returns, it can be difficult for you to gather the necessary details and tax forms to do so. You may not know where to start, possibly why you ended up on this page.

We make that process easy. Our team can secure wage and income information and work with you to gather the most information possible to make sure any tax obligations are minimized. Our professional team specializes in back tax filing and tax debt relief. We can help secure necessary records from other sources as well in order to achieve the best results for your situation. We try to relieve as much of the burden from you as possible.

Free consultation for delinquent tax returns
File Delinquent Tax Returns – Free Consultation

What if I wait to file my delinquent tax returns?

Waiting to begin addressing this issue only causes the situation to worsen. The more penalties and interest will be owed the longer you wait. Also, records become harder to obtain. Unfortunately, not being able to obtain records because of time alone will not excuse you from the tax that will be due or the penalty and interest that accrues.

The IRS Can File Your Returns if You Don’t

The IRS will also start filing what is known as a “substitute for return” for the years you haven’t filed yourself. This typically causes you to owe more than you should. It also takes longer for the IRS to process a return you file yourself to adjust a substitute return, further creating more interest and more penalties to accrue. Business expenses are not included, certain credits you might qualify for aren’t claimed. It’s best to file your own.

Even though you may feel you can’t pay the balances you might owe on the delinquent tax returns it is in your best interest to still file the tax returns. If you wait for the IRS to do the taxes themselves, it is assessed years later than they would have been if you filed them on time. This allows the IRS more time to collect the taxes too. You only hurt yourself by not getting your delinquent tax returns filed sooner than later.

But I’m going to owe after I file my returns. Won’t the IRS come after me?

Sure, once you file your taxes, if the IRS hasn’t filed them yet, and you owe a balance, the IRS will begin the collection process. However, there are a number of options to deal with any balance due, including reducing penalties depending on circumstances. There are ways to settle the entire tax amount owed for what you can actually afford to pay instead. We can also keep you safe from levies and garnishments. You can’t fix it without knowing how much you owe. Plain and simple. Sometimes you may worry that you are going to owe tons of money, but you may end up getting refunds instead. We see it happen.

Other times, people worry that once they start filing their delinquent tax returns the IRS is going to come down on them with fire and brimstone. This is simply not the case if you take the right steps. The fact is, generally, the IRS knows whether you should owe tax or not without you even filing your delinquent tax returns. Not filing is not saving you any face, it is only delaying the inevitable and worsening what you will actually have to deal with. We can make it much easier of a situation to deal with. Find out your options.

Don’t Worry, We Can Help and We Can Do It Quickly

Fearing there may be a balance owed and how to deal with it will no longer be a worry on your mind once you speak with us. We can help you with that too. Rest assured our experience and the work we perform will set you at ease. Take the first step and request your free consultation with one of our expert tax relief professionals today if you want this problem out of your life. It’s free and there is no obligation to use our services. Get started with filing your delinquent tax returns today and make it an issue of the past.

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