IRS Audit Representation or Reconsideration

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IRS Audit

Have you received a notice from the IRS saying that you under-reported income items, they are disallowing a credit or they are examining one of your previously filed tax returns? An IRS audit can be overwhelming and without representation, you do not know what is right and just have to trust what you are being told.

A licensed and experienced representative understands everything about the tax laws and they know what to do in different situations. We have the expertise to devise a specific plan of action for your case and follow it for implementation.

Inexperience dealing with the IRS can cause things to slip which leads the IRS to expand the scope of an audit or impair the effort at a settlement. Things that are said or given to the IRS can be detrimental to a favorable resolution if not handled properly. There is an old saying among lawyers that “An attorney that represents himself has a fool for a client”. The same holds true when dealing with the IRS.

IRS Audit already closed?

We can also revisit previous examination changes, prepare and submit a request for the IRS to make pertinent adjustments based on IRS errors or additional information that may have an impact on the determination. We are familiar with the tax laws and what information is acceptable to prove claims made or verify information clearly.

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