IRS Levy or Wage Garnishment

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We can STOP and PREVENT enforcement actions by the IRS such as an IRS bank levy or wage garnishment, accounts receivable levies and state tax.

If you allow your tax debt balance to go unchecked, enforcement action will eventually happen and it can happen at the worst possible moment unexpectedly. Many people try to find ways to avoid getting an IRS bank levy, meanwhile making it difficult to manage their regular lives for fear of IRS levy or wage garnishment. This does not have to be the way you live. There are options to permanently resolve your tax problems without having the uncertainty of what will happen.

Many times, when the IRS issues a levy or wage garnishment, it’s without warning. Although, they likely did send letters at some point, whether you received them or opened them is another story. If you know you owe the IRS or haven’t filed tax returns in years, now is the time to take care of it. Prevent IRS levies or wage garnishment by being ahead of the ball. Know your options to put your tax problem behind you for good. Don’t wait for the IRS to motivate you.

IRS levy or Wage Garnishment free consultation
IRS Levy or Wage Garnishment Help – Free Consultation

Release, Reduce and Prevent an IRS levy or Wage Garnishment

Different types of levies include:

  • Bank Account Levy
  • Wage Garnishment
  • Accounts Receivable levy
  • Rental Income Levy
  • Social Security Garnishment
  • Pension Garnishment
  • Retirement account levy

Regardless of the type of garnishment or levy, there are certain rules that everyone has to follow. This includes the IRS, banks, employers, contractors, tenants, or other finanical/retierement institutions. Knowing the rules governing an IRS levy or garnishment can end the suffering a levy can put you through. For instance, did you know that accounts receivable levies only apply to accounts receivable balances owed to you only at the time of the levy and are not supposed to be continuous? Or, that an IRS wage garnishment does not have to follow the wage garnishment exempt income amounts and can be reduced or removed altogether. We can release and prevent IRS levies and garnishments. Learn more about our firm and other ways we can help you


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