Offer in Compromise: Settle with the IRS

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You may be able to settle taxes you owe via the offer in compromise program if you owe the IRS and cannot pay them. This also includes all penalties and interest. There is no limit on savings as long as your offer in compromise is done “right”.

Our experts help determine the least amount that the IRS will accept before you make the offer. We are extremely experienced in this area and well versed with Offer in Compromise guidelines. Our experienced experts know the processes involved with the IRS. They can secure the lowest possible settlement with the IRS and state tax authorities. We have easily settled tax debts over $100,000 for $500.00 or less. In some cases, we have achieved even greater results.

Types of offers in compromise

The offer in compromise program consists of 3 different types of offer in compromise requests. The first and most common is Doubt As To Collectibility. This offer is based mainly on the ability to repay tax debt. However, it’s not a simple “I can’t pay my bills so please help” type of request. Financial details and documents are required. The IRS uses certain guidelines, financial standards, along with a number of other considerations to determine the acceptability of an offer.

The second type of offer is Doubt as to Liability. This is purely a claim that you do not owe or should not owe the tax debt due to errors or other reasonable issues. This offer is inevitably handled by the examinations department, and it is typically easier to pursue correction of a liability through other channels.

The last type of offer is on the grounds of Effective Tax Administration. This type of offer in compromise is for when someone’s financial situation shows the ability to pay off what is owed to the IRS. It requires that there are extenuating circumstances that would create hardship or would be inequitable, or detrimental to the IRS in the view of the public if paid or collected in full.

Experienced help for the best results

The results for each case are based on the unique details associated with each case. Therefore, it is important to have an experienced and knowledgeable representative perform an expert analysis considering your specific circumstances. Without this, you may never know whether you could pay less to the IRS or not via the offer in compromise program. Take the time and make sure you look at the options before you. Schedule your Free Consultation today and make your IRS problems a thing of the past.

Offer in Compromise
Dealing with the IRS is much easier when you know the rules and have experience.

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